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Civil Rights Volunteer Opportunity

The Kienan Ellis Educational Project

Attorneys needed to represent students in school discipline hearings to ensure equitable and appropriate educational outcomes. This is an opportunity to exercise your trial advocacy skills while also ensuring that a student who may need additional services is not wrongfully excluded from school or access to other necessary services.


  • Ensure due process is provided and inaccurate allegations are disproven.

  • Ensure that educational plans for disabled students are followed.

  • Facilitate a healthy and timely return to school for your student client.

  • Advocate for and identify additional social and educational supports to help prevent future exclusionary discipline.

Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Paid and Pro Bono Advocacy (sliding fee scale, donations also accepted)
  • 2-15 hours of work in 90% of cases
  • Training Provided
  • Must be a licensed attorney


Find Out How to Stop Discriminatory Discipline Practices in K-12 Education 

Contact us at  (501(c)(3) Status Pending)

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What is a School Discipline Attorney

Click here to find out more about what School Discipline Attorney does

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Client Contact Form

Here is a sample client contact form for initial attorneys to use.


Client Intake Form

Here is a sample intake form for attorneys to use.

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