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About KEEP

What lead to the creation of KEEP

Christina Ellis and her son Kienan were the victims of harassment, intimidation, bullying and retaliation by a group of teachers and parents during his 2017/2018 school year in Seattle Public Schools.

This occurred in direct response to equity work done by a group that Christina was part of at the school. The experience resulted in two, nearly year long investigations. The conclusion of which was that the accused teachers and parents had in fact participated in this behavior.


From the very start of the investigation Ms. Ellis's motivation was not monetary. Her hope was that real change would happen in the school system including the removal of teachers who had participated. Because that did not happen, KEEP was formed.

What we do

KEEP provides free legal representation to students and their families of Seattle Public Schools that have been suspended or expelled from school.  This representation is your right to have while navigating the complex process of disciplinary actions. 

More Background On the Family's Journey

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide legal support to families of students in Seattle that have been victims of school district policies and actions that deny special needs students access to public education. 

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